Janko de Beer is a South African artist based in Cape Town.

He matriculated from Pro Arte Alphen Park, an acclaimed dance, art, music, drama, culinary art and enter-prise management school in Pretoria. Janko has been creating art since 2005, but also obtained his law degree (LLB) in 2003 and practised as an Advocate of the High Court of South Africa for 12 years before turning full time artist in 2017.

Recently a second time finalist for a Global Art Award, Janko's work has featured in many solo and group exhibitions, and over the past couple of years he has established a substantial international following; his work has sold to private collectors in Turkey, England, Scotland, Belgium, Australia, Dubai and Monaco. His work has also been widely featured in the media, both in print and broadcast interviews.

His contributions to the Make a Difference Leadership Foundation (MAD) have been especially gratifying, Over the past two years, Janko's work has raised more than R1 million to provide talented South African scholars with exceptional educational and leadership development. At their 2016 auction in London, a single bronze horse bust, titled Mischief, fetched R500 000.

Janko spends as much time as possible outdoors, surfing in the ocean, hiking in the mountains or feed-ing his soul in the bush. He is inspired by found objects collected from nature. He collects rocks, wood, kelp and other natural materials which possess interesting shapes, textures and colours to use in his sculptures. He views these objects as “Lego pieces” or “body parts”, around which the sculptures are conceived.

The sculptures, with unique detail added using the found materials, are moulded and cast into limited editions of resin and bronze sculptures by using the lost wax casting technique. Janko does all of his own patinas, using both conventional and unconventional methods, which result in unexpectedly rich and un-usual colours.

The sculptures are visually stimulating, bold and dramatic. They are a unique mastery of motion, form and texture influenced by the precepts of contemporary futurism in sculpting. They convey the history of the medium through strong individual characters, with a subtle touch of surrealism:

"As an artist his sculptures are unique, outspoken and not easily forgotten."- SA Creative Network Magazine